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Does forgiving others affect your meaning in life?

Relationships are a vital source of meaning in life. But conflicts are inevitable in every relationship. Might forgiving an offense by your partner increase or restore how meaningful you feel your life is? read more...


How can we track the psychosocial functioning of patients?

Understanding a patient’s psychological profile over time can aid in diagnosis, assessment, and treatment planning. What method can we use to track the psychosocial functioning of patients? read more...


How important are routines for our well-being?

William Blake suggested that we "Think in the morning, act in the noon, read in the evening, and sleep at night." How critical is the timing and regularly of our daily activities for our well-being? read more...

Biopsychology Program

The Biopsychology program is designed to give graduate students a broad experience with techniques and issues in several areas of the discipline. As a student in our program, you will receive some of your training through traditional classroom instruction and small seminars, but the major focus of the program is active learning through close collaboration with faculty. You will be expected to choose a faculty member whose research interests are compatible with your own — developing a mentoring relationship with that faculty member to guide and train you during your graduate career.

How to Apply

The Biopsychology program will not be admitting students for 2016-17. However, Dr. Joseph Porter and Dr. Thomas Eissenberg may be admitting students into the Health PhD program. So please check with individual faculty and check out the Health PhD program information.

Contact Information

For additional questions, please contact Dr. Joseph Porter, director of the Biopsychology Division.

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