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Does forgiving others affect your meaning in life?

Relationships are a vital source of meaning in life. But conflicts are inevitable in every relationship. Might forgiving an offense by your partner increase or restore how meaningful you feel your life is? read more...


How can we track the psychosocial functioning of patients?

Understanding a patient’s psychological profile over time can aid in diagnosis, assessment, and treatment planning. What method can we use to track the psychosocial functioning of patients? read more...


How important are routines for our well-being?

William Blake suggested that we "Think in the morning, act in the noon, read in the evening, and sleep at night." How critical is the timing and regularly of our daily activities for our well-being? read more...


Academic Advisors

Academic Advising

Our mission is to serve as a liaison between undergraduate psychology students and the university’s administration. We strive to empower students to take ownership of their college experience while offering support, resources and information. We also serve to advocate for students as well as the university. Our highest aspiration is to make our students feel valued while positively contributing to their academic success.

Psychology Undergraduate Advising, known as "PSYUGRAD," serves to advise all psychology sophomores, juniors, and seniors on a walk-in basis. First year psychology majors are seen in the University Advising office located in Hibbs Hall on the first floor.

PSYUGRAD advisors offer students support, resources, and information and assist students with:

Advisors are available for walk-in appointments during regular office hours (see schedule, below); no scheduled appointment is necessary. PSYUGRAD is located at 806 W Franklin Street, room 107.

Students are encouraged to be in touch with the PSYUGRAD advising center early and often to resolve questions about degree requirements, course selection, graduation checks, and other academic matters.

Undergraduate Research

Much of the research VCU Psychology faculty conduct includes opportunities for majors to gain research experience and earn research internship credit. Students who register for PSYC 494, Research Internship, are mentored by a faculty member and are often part of a team working on various phases of a research project (design, data collection, data entry, data analysis). Research internships enhance the undergraduate experience and can support career/educational goals such as graduate school or post-baccalaureate employment. During Fall 2014, Spring 2015, and Summer 2015 over 450 undergraduate students actively participated in research with over 32 faculty members.

Psychology research opportunities are primarily advertised through the semi- annual PSYC 494 Research Recruitment Fair hosted by PSYUGRAD Advising. Please see the PSYUGRAD Blackboard site for upcoming event dates. Additional opportunities not represented at the fair are advertised on the PSYUGRAD Blackboard site. Permission of a faculty research supervisor must be obtained prior to registration. Prerequisites include PSY 214, 317, or permission of instructor.

Office Hours

Spring 2016 Office Hours:
Monday 10:00-4:00
Tuesday 3:00-7:00
Wednesday 9:00-4:30
Thursday 11:00-5:00
Friday 9:00-4:00

Office hours during final exams week:

Location and Contact Information

806 West Franklin Street, room 107
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2018
Phone: (804) 828-1239